February 1, 2023

Solar Pool Heaters – Everything You Need To Know

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Solar Pool Heaters - Everything You Need To Know

Solar heater for pools works by using special rooftop or ground-mounted solar mats plumbed into your pool’s circulation system. The mats collect heat from the sun, which is transferred to the water in the plumbing system, gradually heating the water within the pool. When you purchase a solar pool heater for your swimming pool, you’ll save a lot of money on utilities, water, and chemicals. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying these heaters.

They save on chemicals:

Solar pool heaters save on chemicals by providing free, clean solar-derived heat. They also reduce the air conditioning load on homes. In most cases, solar pool heaters can pay for themselves in two to four years. They can even pay for themselves in just one season, depending on the type of heater you choose. In addition, solar pool heaters are very environmentally friendly, with no harmful emissions.

They save on utilities:

Solar pool heaters can reduce your energy costs by up to five times compared to gas or electric heaters. They also provide a more flexible energy supply and can be used year-round. In some cases, they can even eliminate the need for an electric heater.

They save on water:

Solar pool heaters are an efficient way to save water and energy costs. They work by transferring solar energy directly into the water. This type of heating is most effective when the water temperature is low, and the ambient air temperature is high. Many solar pool heaters have a high-efficiency rating, operating at 80% or more. They are also cool to the touch.

They take up a lot of space:

Solar pool heaters can be installed on a roof or ground, depending on your climate. Optimal collector orientation will ensure maximum energy absorption. In the northern hemisphere, collectors should face the true south. But in temperate climates, they can face up to 45 degrees east or west.

They cost a lot of money:

A solar pool heater can be expensive to purchase. They can cost two to three thousand dollars. And installing them can be a huge job requiring several workers. If you are considering buying one, it is important to research the installation cost first.